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Vehicles, Counter Tops, Wood, Skin and more…

Fuji Spray® for All Your Finishing Needs

Fuji Spray®’s products are the go-to equipment choice across several industries, from woodworking and refinishing, to automotive, to spray tanning – but it doesn’t stop there! Learn more about the top applications you can accomplish with your preferred product.

Wood Finishing

After investing hours in crafting a beautiful piece of furniture or cabinetry, you’ve got one final step left – finishing. You’ll want to use spray equipment that is not only flexible but lays down a quality finish quickly. Our Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ series is designed with you in mind and was voted “Top Honors” several years in a row by WOOD Magazine. Our systems allow you to easily move from spraying stains or paint to applying the last coat of finish. When working indoors or on-site at your customer’s home, try our Q-PLATINUM™ Series – the quietest turbine on the market. The DIY series is the world’s most powerful 2-stage systems and is the ‘go-to’ system for all small workshops and home use.

Fuji Spray Systems™


Rooted in 30+ years of exceptional spray equipment expertise, Fuji Spray® dives into the world of the automotive aftermarket and collision repair industry with Fuji Spray Auto™.

This division features compressor spray guns that continue the Fuji Spray® legacy of excellence while offering the collision repair and car-refinishing industry tools of performance and versatility at a competitive price.

Fuji Spray Auto™

Tub & Counter Resurfacing

For bathtub and countertop resurfacing, you’ll need a spray system that is versatile, portable, and dependable. The Fuji Spray® Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ series lays down a smooth coat with minimal overspray. You can produce a professional-looking mirror finish every time! As the top choice in the resurfacing industry, the portable Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ series is designed to give you optimal flexibility and control for all applications. For the refinishing process, where quality and portability are vital, it provides for the ultimate in results.

Fuji Spray Systems™

Spray Tanning

Whether you own a spa, salon, or mobile tanning service, Fuji Spray Sunless™ offers 3 different series of spray tanning equipment – an ideal system for everyone! Built on the same technology as the award-winning Fuji Spray® turbines, the salonTAN™ turbine is perfect for spa and salon owners. Professionals know that our exceptional salon spray tanning system is the quietest on the market. The studioTAN™ series provides the portability and durability needed to meet the demands of a high-volume mobile tanning business. The studioTAN™ is also quiet, thanks to a reduced speed motor and noise reduction covers. Both the salonTAN™ and the studioTAN™ systems are UL/CSA approved specifically for spray tanning.

Fuji Spray Sunless™

Disinfection & Remediation

Whether it’s a single object or a small to medium size surface, Fuji Spray® has a range of spray systems capable of spraying disinfectant solutions. Fuji Spray® systems are ideal for disinfecting high traffic surfaces as well as bathrooms, locker rooms, gyms and fitness equipment, food preparation areas, and most office and assembly environments in less time than manual wipe on disinfectant.

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