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Marty Schlosser – The Industry’s Go-To Expert

For nearly 50 years, Marty Schlosser has been a furniture designer and maker. Although he developed his passion for woodworking at a young age, his interest in spraying stemmed from his desire to finish furniture he created for his family and friends. In the early 90s, Marty’s wife bought him a hardware store quality spray gun to experiment with, and the rest is history! Through dedication, he taught himself the ins and outs of spraying and is now a go-to expert who is often sourced by professionals in the industry to share his knowledge. Marty’s goal is to “generate enthusiasm”

5 Steps To A Killer Finish: Part 1

In this two-part blog, I will share my 5 interdependent steps required to consistently produce quality finishes. Why not jam it all into one article, you ask? I wish I could, however, there is far too much material to cover on one blog. So, in this blog I will cover the first 3 steps: Spray equipment cleaned and lubricated Piece prepared Environment set for success (1st part) 1. Spray equipment cleaned and lubricated. The importance of a clean gun and air system cannot be overemphasized, as you cannot possibly achieve success unless you start out that way.  And by properly lubricating your

The Essential Balancing Act – Atomization

The Essential Balancing Act: Atomization Written by: Marty Schlosser In this article I’ll explain how to set up your gun to achieve professional quality finishes, every time.  And as you’ll soon see, it’s all about atomization.   So what exactly is atomization and what does it do? Atomization is the breaking down of the fluid stream, using pressurized air, into fine droplets which are then projected onto the target surface. Air cap Set Selection.  It all begins with mounting the correct air cap set (consists of a fluid nozzle, needle and air cap) for the finish you’re planning to use.  Simply stated, the higher the viscosity

Mini-Mite Platinum™ vs Q Platinum™

What is the difference between the Fuji Spray® Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ and Q PLATINUM™ turbine? Today we are going to answer this age-old question: The main difference between the Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ and Q PLATINUM™ turbines is – noise level. The Q PLATINUM™ series is designed with patented noise reduction technology that reduces the sound of the motor by eliminating all Direct Sound Paths found commonly on low to mid-priced HVLP turbines. While a comparable sound level to the Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ turbine is a standard shop vacuum system – the Q PLATINUM™ series will reduce those levels by 50%. For example, at 20ft away, the

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