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Compressor vs. HVLP Turbine System

Which is Better: A Compressor System or an HVLP Turbine System?

When it comes to spray equipment, different systems, such as a compressor system or HVLP turbine system, have different capacities.  Depending on the type of outcome you’re looking for, you may use one system over the other.  Each has their advantages and drawbacks, and knowing which one to use can improve your operations and save you both time and money.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing which system is best for you and your spraying needs:

A compressor system offers a faster speed of application

A compressor sprayer applies material with more power and at a higher speed. By definition, an HVLP system must spray material at lower air pressure levels (below 10 psi), while compressor systems spray material at higher air pressure levels (20-90 psi, depending on the specific system). We find that for production workshops and manufacturing facilities working with a high number of products or larger surface areas, the speed of a compressor sprayer is advantageous.

An HVLP turbine system is more environmentally friendly

While a compressor system operates at a faster speed, the HVLP sprayer’s slower, more precise application also offers benefits. For example, an HVLP turbine system’s application results in less overspray and ‘bounce-back,’ as paint and finish particles are less likely to rebound into the air. In fact, in certain areas of the United States, such as Southern California, you’ll find that high-pressure compression systems are prohibited entirely. As a result, compressor spray systems require higher safety standards, including a well-ventilated spray area or even a spray booth.

Certain materials require more preparation with HVLP turbine systems

The pressure settings of an HVLP system can be adjusted – but they cannot be increased beyond the maximum limit of 10 PSI, and this maximum limit is lower than that of compressor systems. So, in order for higher viscosity materials to be applied properly, they must be diluted.

HVLP turbine systems are portable, but compressor systems are not

Since turbine systems are light and compact, the entire system is portable. We find that being able to spray or do touch-ups on any job site can be very beneficial. Even having the option to move your unit indoors or outdoors can help when spraying specific projects. Compressor systems are not mobile, and this yields less flexibility and last-minute fixes.

Ultimately, both HVLP turbine systems and compressor systems will get the job done more quickly and effectively than using a paintbrush and rag or roller. The decision of which system to use largely depends on your operations, whether you’re a DIYer or an avid, professional sprayer.  Contact the experts at Fuji Spray to learn more about the features of each system and to find out which one is right for you.

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