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Air Cap Sets – Be in the Know!

Happy New Year from all of us at Fuji Spray! One of our favourite quotes that we believe in and follow is…. The New Year brings new beginnings and new projects! As our first blog of 2017, we want to start you off on the right foot. AIR CAP SETS – Which one is best for me? You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, therefore you shouldn’t use a 2.0mm air cap set to spray stains. To be prepared for all the tasks at hand, you need a properly stocked tool box. The same holds true for your spray painting system. Your Fuji

Choosing the Correct Air Cap Set

Choosing the correct air cap set for your HVLP spray gun can sometimes be a chore. Not to mention when your selection may be the wrong one, then it would become a headache. Some of our customer inquiries at Fuji Spray are related to air cap selection. Therefore, over the years through trial and error and by speaking to our distributors and customers we have compiled a few simple guidelines when selecting the correct air cap set for the job you are finishing. For the most part when answering such customer questions we often suggest one of the following air cap sets:

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