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3M PPS System

The 3M PPS system offers great versatility with the Fuji T75G™ top feed spray gun. It allows spraying in any direction, straight up, sideways, etc.

How is this done?

The 3M PPS system consists of a reusable plastic cup with disposable liners and lids. When the spray gun is connected to the 3M PPS system then attached to the turbine hose, and the turbine is turned on, the plastic cup is pressurized forcing the liner on the inside the H/O cup to start to collapse. This will push the finish in the liner into the spray gun no matter the orientation of the spray gun. Spray ceilings with ease, inside cabinets or crown moldings.

Other advantages of the 3M PPS system are:

  • Eliminates the need for traditional mixing cups and paint strainers
  • The self contained filter, filters the finish as you spray
  • The liner, lid and built-in filter are all disposable, leaving only the adapter and spray gun to be cleaned
  • The PPS™ system is therefore a cleaner, faster system, safe from outside contamination and offers considerable time and solvent savings in regards to gun cleaning
  • Enables painters to mix less paint and drastically reduces the amount of solvent and technician time required for gun cleaning, improving operator efficiency by as much as 15%
  • Liners and lids can be used more than once, some users report as many as 5-6 uses per liner
  • Each H/O pressure cup comes with a Mix Ratio Insert that helps in mixing finishes

3M PPS & Fuji Spray Guns…

The 3M PPS system must be used with the 3M PPS H/O cups with Fuji spray guns, (or any other turbine spray guns). The difference between the H/O cups and the standard 3M PPS cups is that the H/O cups have a plastic pressure tube that is similar to the pressure tube that comes with the T75G spray gun, except that there is no one way valve in the pressure tube. The finish is then contained in the liner and there is no chance of it backing up into the spray gun. The standard 3M PPS cup that works with a high pressure system uses the suction aspect of high pressure systems to collapse the liner.

The H/O cups come in only 2 sizes. The large H/O cup will accommodate 28oz, or 32oz liners which is excellent for large jobs:

The Mini H/O cup will accommodate either an 8oz, or 3oz liner. The 3oz liner is most commonly used in the bumper auto touch-up industry since it satisfies federal regulations for spraying out of doors.


Getting started with a T75G™ Fuji Spray Gun…

The 3M PPS parts necessary to get started with a Fuji T75G™ are:

  • #2 or #7 PPS adapter (reusable)
  • Large or Mini H/O cup (reusable)
  • Appropriate size liners and lids (disposable lids come with built in strainer)

For the Fuji T70™ bottom feed spray gun a #18 PPS adapter should be used.

Fuji Spray would like to thank spraying expert Roger Phelps for writing this blog.  Mr. Phelps welcomes your comments and can be reached at roger@phelpsrefinishing.com or www.hvlpsales.com 

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