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Fuji Spray at AWFS 2017

Fuji Spray Launches New Compressor Spray Gun at AWFS As many of you may already know, the AWFS Fair is being held in Vegas this year from July 19-22 and promises to have over 16,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors.  The event is one of the largest woodworking show in North America and will showcase a wide range of products and services related to furniture and wood & woodworking. We have chosen this show to launch our new MPX-30 mid-pressure compressor spray gun because it’s designed specifically with the professional woodworker in mind.  It offers you the flexibility and accuracy you need to

MPX-30 – A new chapter for Fuji Spray

MPX-30 - Fuji Spray's Mid-Pressure Compressor Spray Gun On May 1, 2017 Fuji Spray proudly announced its official launch into the compressor spray gun industry with their newest spray gun – The MPX-30. Why Now? The decision to enter the mid pressure market was based on a shift in the industry from high pressure and HVLP towards reduced pressure. “Until now, our spray guns have been compatible only with turbines.  For many years customers have asked Fuji Spray for a spray gun they can use with their shop compressor.  We now have an option available to meet our customer’s needs” said Mark Rosin, President

Top Tool & Top Value!

Fuji Spray does it again! We are extremely excited and honored to announce that Fuji Spray has been awarded Top Honors again! In the March 2017 WOOD Magazine review, the Mini-Mite 3 Platinum™ System received Top Tool and Top Value. “When keeping a strictly apples-to-apples comparison among three-stage HVLP systems, two models rose above the field: the Apollo Power-3 Turbospray ($900) and the Fuji Mini-Mite 3 T-Series ($625). They share Top Tool honors. Both systems performed superbly in nearly every test, and either would make a great finishing partner in your shop. The Mini-Mite also wins our Top Value award for being

Air Cap Sets – Be in the Know!

Happy New Year from all of us at Fuji Spray! One of our favourite quotes that we believe in and follow is…. The New Year brings new beginnings and new projects! As our first blog of 2017, we want to start you off on the right foot. AIR CAP SETS – Which one is best for me? You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, therefore you shouldn’t use a 2.0mm air cap set to spray stains. To be prepared for all the tasks at hand, you need a properly stocked tool box. The same holds true for your spray painting system. Your Fuji

Fuji Spray Does It Again!

Mini-Mite 5 Platinum™ System wins Power Tool of the Year! We are extremely excited and honored to announce that the Fuji Spray Mini-Mite 5 Platinum™ System has been awarded 2016 Canadian Woodworking Tool of the Year in the Power Tool Category. “The Canadian Woodworking Tool of the Year Award recognizes the best woodworking products released during the year. Winning products are selected by woodworkers from across Canada - crafts people and avid DIYers who use woodworking products on a regular basis, and insist on usable features, top quality, great performance, and outstanding value.” Things you should know about The Mini-Mite 5 PLATINUM™ System The Mini-Mite

Booth on a Budget

Booth on a Budget!! A spray booth is a luxury most woodworkers want - whether their shop is home-based or located in an out-building. It provides the best environment for applying a “killer” finish but most people find them too expensive to buy. If you are using a spray gun indoors without a spray booth, you are exposing yourself to harmful chemicals, even if you’re spraying only waterborne finishes. A spray booth is a necessity! The spray booth described here may only be used when spraying waterborne or water-based finishes.  It will enhance spraying success in a home-based shop for the following reasons:

Fuji Spray has gone PLATINUM™

New & Improved! Fuji Spray is the leader in the Spray Finishing Market. Fuji Spray is constantly looking to improve their products and deliver only the best to the end users. Fuji Spray introduced major upgrades to their turbines with the launch of the Q5 PLATINUM™ and Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ Turbines. These improvements were designed to lengthen the motor life of the turbine. Following in the footsteps of the 5-stage launch, these enhancements have been installed to all 3-stage and 4-stage turbines. What’s new in the PLATINUM™ Series? Through years of hard work and extensive research Fuji Spray was able to deliver such improvements as the

Spray Finishing Cart

Picture this…a versatile cart with storage unit that can also house and protect your Fuji Spray System. Sounds GREAT…Right?  Definitely something ideal for any shop but where could you get one? Why not make one? Marty Schlosser Kingston, Ontario did not only do that, but shared his designs with us. The Spray Finishing Cart showcases some useful features. The spacious top provides a great work surface that allows you to mix, strain your finish, and fill your cup. The Top three shelves offer plenty of storage for your project book, spray gun, spare tops, masks, goggles, rags, cleaning kits and anything else you

Variable Speed Controller Dial

Q5 Platinum™ Variable Speed Controller Dial The Variable Speed Controller is assembled on the Fuji Spray Q5 Platinum™ Turbine. This model was introduced in 2015 and this blog describes the best way to use this new feature. What is a Variable Speed Controller Dial? The user now has the ability to adjust the psi/cfm to the optimum needed to perfectly atomize the materials being sprayed, while also reducing over-spray to a minimum. To decrease air pressure, simply turn this dial counter-clockwise. To increase air pressure, turn the dial clockwise. HOW TO USE THE SPEED CONTROLLER 1)      Determine the viscosity of the ‘paint’. If it appears to be

PaintWIZ™…For Your Home!

Thank you to all our customers who have sent in many requests over the years. Fuji Spray has responded to you with the launch of our new brand PaintWIZ™. PaintWIZ™ has been introduced to the market to meet the needs of the home user for every day DIY needs. 2 New Systems! Customers have the choice between a Handheld Sprayer as well as Turbine System! Both systems will set up within minutes and clean up in less time compared with brushes and rollers. No matter what you are spraying from kitchen cabinets, trims, patio furniture, decks and fences, these sprayers will help you  get

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