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February the month of Love & Chocolates!!

When you think of February the first thought that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day. What is always connected to Valentine’s Day? Loads and loads of flowers, love and chocolates! Better yet the LOVE for Chocolate!
Would you have every thought that owning a Fuji Spray system could make regular chocolate molds look too good to eat? Well it can! As for being too good to eat, who are we kidding its delicious chocolates!!!


We consulted an expert chocolatier to find out “How To” in chocolate land. The Chocolate Doctor uses a Quiet 4-stage HVLP Fuji Sprayer and gravity spray gun equipped with a larger air cap set such as a 2.2mm-2.5mm. One of the greatest benefits of using an HVLP Turbine System is less over-spray and larger savings.  Other chocolatiers use brushes, fingers, Q-tips etc. to apply the color to the chocolate molds. This creates a totally different effect and takes a significantly longer time.

Can owning a Fuji Spray System make it easier…

Of course!! Without a doubt owning a Fuji Spray 4-stage system makes spraying color onto chocolate a lot easier and allows them to spray multiple molds in a fraction of the time it takes with a small airbrush system or by hand.

One Neat Effect….

The “Jackson Pollack in Chocolate” effect is a definite winner with this chocolatier.  In the words of the Chocolate Doctor…All you need to do is turn down the air control valve until the colored cocoa butter sputters. Within minutes you can splatter a couple of different colors – then back with a proper layer of color, creating that perfect splatter effect.

Sprayed Chocolate 1

Where can you find these delicious looking chocolates…

With Valentine’s Day in a few days and Easter just around the corner why not think of a delicious looking gift – one sprayed using a Fuji Spray system for your loved ones.

Sprayed Choc Bunny  Sprayed Choco Eggs   Spray chocolate 2

Your Turn…

Do you use your Fuji Spray system in a unique way?
Let us know we’d LOVE to hear from you!

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