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4 Top Benefits of HVLP Turbine Spray Systems

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For our inaugural post, we wanted to write about the top benefits of HVLP Turbine Spray Systems.  There are several, and if you really understand the value, you will be able to make more strategic purchasing decisions going forward.

Better transfer efficiency rate

Compressor-driven systems suffer from poor transfer efficiency. Only 1/3 of the materials are applied to the surface and the rest is lost in the air unless you have a sophisticated (and costly) recapturing process. HVLP spray guns, on the other hand, are designed to improve transfer efficiency rates, which means a savings of time and money.

Less overspray with HVLP Turbine Spray Systems

Of course, there is overspray with HVLP turbine spray systems, but significantly less. In fact, the US EPA estimates that typical material savings can well exceed 50%, which represents dramatic cost savings.

Softer, easier to control spray

HVLP spray systems have a much softer spray and are therefore perfect for applications that require a higher degree of control and precision.

The application is laid on very gently, rather than blasted, which means a better result overall.

Ease of use

HVLP turbine spray systems use a very simple and straightforward method, which means that the training process is streamlined and the learning curve is definitely abbreviated.

You will be an expert in no time!

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