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Fuji Spray Spotlight: Vision Furniture

For Sonya Feldner, one of Fuji Spray’s long-time clients, the foundation of Vision Furniture was family. “We’re first and foremost a family company, created by my brother and I,” says Feldner. “We come from a family business – our dad had a lot to do with the beginnings of Vision Furniture. He set a great model, and from there, we kept building.”

Since 2003, Vision Furniture has specialized in creating Chiavari chairs from acacia hardwood. They supply chairs for hotels, wedding venues, country clubs, and even to some private contracts that prefer a more quality, vintage look for their furniture. They also provide rentals, a service that is in high demand during wedding season.

“I’d say that our rental and sales are split 50/50,” says Feldner. “Although we get a lot of local rentals, particularly around graduation and wedding season, we do sell our products nationwide. For some items, we even have global purchasers.”

But business didn’t start booming overnight. Feldner started out without a lot of experience in woodworking, fuelling her passion for furniture by importing unique pieces from Romania to her first store. Now, almost 16 years later, she has a personal hand in some of the chairs that are created, having intimate knowledge of their design, structure, and durability.

This includes the finishing process. In order to attain the best possible finish, Feldner and her team, mainly all women, have been using Fuji Spray systems exclusively to create a picture-perfect finish for all of their products.

“It took some time to get the hang of them, but soon the Fuji Spray Systems were like second nature to us,” sais Feldner. “Every time, we come out with the perfect finish. Even if our clients can’t spot all of the details of the finish, we find that there’s a big difference since we’ve been working with Fuji Spray.”

As a woman in business, Feldner says that she thankfully hasn’t met much opposition, even when she was first learning the intricacies of woodworking and wood finishing. “A lot of women work in our company; there’s about a 50/50 split with gender,” she says. “The event industry tends to be driven by more women, and you need to have a lot of creativity and curiosity to make amazing furniture. I find that women have an abundance of creativity!”

Moving forward, Feldner firmly believes that growth in business has everything to do with building relationships, bringing something new to the table, and creating the best quality products possible.

“It’s all about how you relate to other people,” she says. “Develop trusted relationships with your clients, and stay open-minded. Never say ‘no’ to a challenge. When you’re creating a quality product, you need to be mindful of your customers’ expectations, from start to finish. That’s why using the right materials and products is so important to us.”

Fuji Spray is proud to be a part of the wood finishing process for Sonya Feldner and her team at Vision Furniture! When it comes to their products, they’ve chosen Fuji Spray’s high-quality spray guns and spray systems to ensure that every one of Vision Furniture’s products is finished to perfection!

To learn more about Vision Furniture’s products and story, visit their website.

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