June 2019

Four Ways You Can Enhance Your Spray Finishing Expertise Through Trade Shows

As a professional woodworker, a weekend warrior, or a DIY pro, you may be looking for different ways to improve your woodworking craft. The learning process is ongoing, especially when you have the opportunity to gain new knowledge directly from the experts. In terms of expanding your education, trade shows are an excellent source for all of your woodworking educational needs. Here are the top four reasons why you should consider attending trade shows, and how they are important for expanding your existing knowledge and expertise. You learn from the best Every woodworking trade show is packed with incredible guest speakers who have

Fuji Spray Spotlight: Vision Furniture

For Sonya Feldner, one of Fuji Spray’s long-time clients, the foundation of Vision Furniture was family. “We’re first and foremost a family company, created by my brother and I,” says Feldner. “We come from a family business – our dad had a lot to do with the beginnings of Vision Furniture. He set a great model, and from there, we kept building.” Since 2003, Vision Furniture has specialized in creating Chiavari chairs from acacia hardwood. They supply chairs for hotels, wedding venues, country clubs, and even to some private contracts that prefer a more quality, vintage look for their furniture. They

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