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Spray Finishing Cart

Picture this…a versatile cart with storage unit that can also house and protect your Fuji Spray System.

Sounds GREAT…Right?  Definitely something ideal for any shop but where could you get one?

Why not make one?

Marty Schlosser Kingston, Ontario did not only do that, but shared his designs with us.

The Spray Finishing Cart showcases some useful features.

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  • The spacious top provides a great work surface that allows you to mix, strain your finish, and fill your cup.
  • The Top three shelves offer plenty of storage for your project book, spray gun, spare tops, masks, goggles, rags, cleaning kits and anything else you can think of to store away.  Attaching two coat hooks to the side of the cart is great for hanging your hose and power cord.
  • With the turbine positioned on the lowest shelf cart, there is no chance of the air hose bending or kinking. This enables the free flow of air, preventing your turbine from overheating.
  • 3″ swivel casters positioned on the side of the cart rather than the bottom places your turbine nice and close to the ground (where it is meant to be) ensuring optimal performance.
  • Openings are cut in to the rear and right panels at the lowest shelf to provide plenty of Turbine ventilation and maximum heat dissipation.

The added casters also allow you to roll the unit over to the sink when the spraying session is over and it’s time to clean the spray gun. Once the project is complete, the unit can then be rolled out of the way to a safe spot.

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All made in the shop, using either one sheet of plywood or materials left over from other projects.  Plus the additional investment of a set of 3″ casters and a pair of coat hooks.




Part List:

  • One 4×8 sheet of ¾” (thickness) furniture grade plywood
  • Wood glue
  • 4 good quality 3” casters
  • Two Coat Hooks
  • Wood Screws ( Recommended: 1 ¼” screws for the Table Top & 1 ½” screws for cart assembly)
  • Base Coat and Top Coat of your choice.

You can easily modify the design to make it your own or to fit your own spray finishing needs

In the end, this handy spray finishing cart will make moving around in your shop easy and more efficient.

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