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Booth on a Budget

Booth on a Budget!! A spray booth is a luxury most woodworkers want - whether their shop is home-based or located in an out-building. It provides the best environment for applying a “killer” finish but most people find them too expensive to buy. If you are using a spray gun indoors without a spray booth, you are exposing yourself to harmful chemicals, even if you’re spraying only waterborne finishes. A spray booth is a necessity! The spray booth described here may only be used when spraying waterborne or water-based finishes.  It will enhance spraying success in a home-based shop for the following reasons:

Spray Finishing Cart

Picture this…a versatile cart with storage unit that can also house and protect your Fuji Spray System. Sounds GREAT…Right?  Definitely something ideal for any shop but where could you get one? Why not make one? Marty Schlosser Kingston, Ontario did not only do that, but shared his designs with us. The Spray Finishing Cart showcases some useful features. The spacious top provides a great work surface that allows you to mix, strain your finish, and fill your cup. The Top three shelves offer plenty of storage for your project book, spray gun, spare tops, masks, goggles, rags, cleaning kits and anything else you

Clean Filters = Good Performance!

How and when should I clean my turbine filter? There is no quick answer but a thorough cleaning of your system should be done periodically. As mentioned in a previous blog, it’s a good habit to clean your spray system at the end of each work session or project completion. It only takes a few minutes and in the end will ensure that your turbine lasts you a long time. When it comes to the filters, it is also good to clean them after a few uses and especially before you pack the system into storage.  Clean Filter(s) are a Must! Clean filters

Cleaning Your HVLP Spray Gun

Cleaning your HVLP Spray Gun is as easy as 1-2-3. At Fuji Spray we receive numerous calls on a daily basis from our customers with simple questions and issues associated to their HVLP spray guns. Most of them are easily solved with simple step by step instruction on the proper way of cleaning their HVLP spray gun. 90% of these issues are simply missed steps; maintenance they may have not known about or even thought about performing. Therefore a decision to make a “How To” video and step by step easy to read and follow instructions on the proper steps and procedures in

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