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The Holiday Gift Guide for the Advanced Sprayer

Gift giving is no easy feat this time of year, but if you or someone you know loves turbine driven spray finishing as much as we do, then we have the perfect gift guide for you! Here are our top 5 gift ideas for any spray enthusiast.

1. #5432 2 Qt. Pressure Pot Assembly Kit

Got a complicated project that’ll make your head spin? With twice the material capacity of bottom feed spray guns, and over three times the capacity of gravity feed spray guns, our 2Qt Pressure Pot works easily with a 4 or 5-stage Fuji Spray® HVLP spray system. Its specially designed pot, lid, and adapter lets you spray paint at any angle—with a smaller profile to reach even tight corners.

2. 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 System

If you have a need for speed, this quality product makes paint jobs both cleaner (reducing clean-up time) and altogether faster. When installed to your spray gun, the cup becomes pressurized and forces the finish into your spray gun’s fluid passages no matter the angle you hold the spray gun. With no need for traditional mixing cups and paint strainers, it filters the finish as you spray.

3. #9622 Touch-Up Turbine Bleeder Spray Gun

When it comes to making short work of touch-up projects and spot repairs, our #9622 Touch-Up Turbine Bleeder Spray Gun is the answer. Equipped with an adjustable spray pattern, this product can help simplify smaller refinishes and reach more difficult spots with a round ¼ inch to 6-inch spray pattern. It is assembled with an 8 oz. mini cup and installed with a 1.0 mm or 1.8 mm stainless steel needle, nozzle, and aluminum air cap.

4. Q5 PLATINUM™ Series

For heavy-duty projects, the powerful 5-stage motor of our Q5 PLATINUM™ Turbine is ideal. That’s because it allows for less thinning of viscous paints and finer atomization. With our patented noise reduction technology, it is also the quietest 5-stage HVLP turbine on the market. Extra features include a Heat Dissipation Chamber™, which expels excess turbine heat for longer motor life, and the Variable Speed Control Dial, which offers users the ability to adjust the air pressure to the desired output needed to perfectly atomize your coating.

5. #2049F  6ft Flexible Whip Hose

Looking for a flexible hose that helps reduce user fatigue? Our lightweight #2049F – 6ft Whip Hose allows for effortless maneuverability, with glass fiber-reinforced polymer couplings. The added distance from the turbine also lets cooler air to travel through the spray gun—a bonus when working with fast-drying materials like lacquers. Note: This hose must only be connected to the end of the standard 25ft hose, and not directly to the turbine.

If you or someone you know is searching for the perfect HVLP turbine driven spray systems and/or accessories for next year’s paint project, we’ve got you covered. Treat yourself or that special finisher in your life with our range of Fuji Spray® options or contact us for more information.



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