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3 Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Surroundings While Spraying

Like most projects that involve potentially hazardous materials, it’s important to take certain precautions while spraying. Even if the project is on a smaller scale and the risk is minimal, exposure and ingestion of toxic materials is possible, and can cause adverse effects on the lungs, skin and other tissues if left untreated.

At Fuji Spray, we believe that it’s always better to be on the safe side, regardless of the scope of the project. Here are 3 ways we recommend protecting yourself and your surroundings during the spray process.

1 – Face Respirators

Also known as a face mask or shield, these are a must during any spray project. By fitting them securely over the face, you will drastically minimize the chances of ingesting or inhaling any hazardous material.

A face respirator that fits over the entire face will also protect your eyes. Lacquer, primer, and paint can occasionally cause eye irritation or injury, especially where paint fumes and exhaust are concerned. Even if you’re not using a full-face respirator, and are only using a face mask over the nose and mouth, wearing goggles is essential for optimal protection.

2 – Spray Booths

Aside from the possible health hazards, spraying can make a huge mess, especially in terms of over spray. Although some spray paint enthusiasts opt to cover their surroundings in plastic sheets, a spray booth eliminates any subsequent waste and creates a safe spray environment that can be used again and again.

Designed to contain over spray and filter out exhaust, these spray booths are quickly becoming a necessary addition for any spray enthusiast. By ensuring that your environment is protected from the potential of over spray and paint fumes, you can guarantee that all of your spray projects will be completed with minimal damage to your surroundings.

The best thing about spray booths is that they don’t have to be expensive to make or set up! Click here to find out how you can create your own spray booth on a budget.

3 – Use a waterborne material

Regulations on volatile organic compounds (VOC) by the EPA have caused many spray enthusiasts to favour waterborne materials. This is because waterborne materials have reduced VOC emissions, and offer a clean, bright finish.

If you’re concerned about potentially toxic emissions, and are looking for a more environmentally friendly option for your spray projects, waterborne materials are an excellent option.

In addition to taking the proper precautions to protect yourself and your environment, it’s also crucial to choose the right portable sprayer for the job. Efficient fan pattern control, precise fan adjustment, and optimal air cap design will help reduce the possibility of over spray into your environment while offering a quality, expert finish to all of your projects.

If you’re looking for a spray system that will offer professional performance with exceptional results, contact Fuji Spray today, or visit our website for more information on our products.

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