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Using a Non-Bleed Spray Gun with an Older Turbine

Am I able to modify my older turbine with the newer style non-bleed spray gun?

I am interested in your non-bleed spray gun with the pattern control adjustment knob on the side. Can I use this with my 13 year old Turbine?

These are common questions we often hear…The answer is YES! There is a very simple modification. If the system you own included an XT or XPC model spray gun this change will not be necessary. You will only need to do the modification on a turbine that is more than 10 years old. These turbines would have originally been paired with our bleed style SC-1 model gun (all metal handle).

Below are step by step instructions for anyone wanting to perform this modification.


To allow the new Non-Bleed Spray gun to be used on older turbines, we must add (or modify) the bleeder hole. This lets air pass through the motor at all times and will prevent the motor from overheating.

If your turbine system came with a Non-Bleed Spray gun (air only when you pull the trigger) you do not have to do anything. So if you own a Fuji PRO or GOLD system, you are already set up to use a Non-Bleed Spraygun.

If your model is the old Super, Q3 or Q4 turbine and the word PRO is not silkscreened onto the front of the case, you will need to make a smaller bleeder hole.

1) Unplug the turbine

2) Remove 8 case screws holding on the right side of the case.

3) Remove the side of the case.

4) Drill a 3/16” hole in the manifold (pipe). This is the pipe that leads from the motor housing to the front of the case (where you attach the hose).

5) Replace side of case.

The older Q-Series turbines already have a 1/8” bleeder hole on the outside of the manifold (where the hose attaches). This hole can be seen by turning the turbine case on its side. Simply open up this hole to 3/16” with the correct size drill. You do not need to drill a hole if you own a PRO or a GOLD model.

old turbine

Thats it! That’s all! Now  you will be able to use our new non-bleed spray gun, and will still be able to use your older model bleeder style gun with no loss of performance.

Your Turn…

How long have you had your Turbine? Do you own one of the newer non-bleed Spray guns with your Old Turbine?

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