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What Sets Fuji Spray Apart?

There’s never a shortage of fantastic spray products on the market. We know that our clients have a large range of spray guns and systems to choose from, and we’re always honoured that they choose us above the competition.

So, what is it that makes Fuji Spray stand out from the rest? We offer a variety of spray system features that drastically improve your spray-painting experiences, helping you achieve a flawless finish every time. Here are some of the main reasons why Fuji Spray’s products are so unique, and what sets us apart from the rest of the spray products out there.

Noise Reduction Technology

One of the most innovative technologies that we’ve incorporated into our spray system turbines is a noise reduction component. On their own, turbines tend to be as loud as a vacuum cleaner: many woodworkers in the industry even use noise-cancelling headsets to block out the sound. However, if you’re a weekend DIY warrior with neighbours close by, the extra noise can be more difficult for you (and your neighbours) to contend with.

At Fuji Spray, our turbines reduce noise by approximately 50% without causing overheating or air restriction. We design our spray systems with computer-designed airflow configurations that eliminate any direct sound path that would traditionally cause a higher noise quotient during use. The result is a quieter, more effective turbine that gets the job done with minimal noise.

Our Q-Platinum Series turbines are particularly popular in terms of both high efficiency and noise reduction. For more information on these incredible and quiet turbine spray systems, check out our Q-Platinum Series product page.

Heat Dissipation Chamber™

The patented Mini-Mite Platinum and Q-Platinum turbines expels excess heat and maintains cooler operating temperatures, which in turn ensures that the turbine doesn’t overheat. This also allows for greater motor longevity, as hot air is routed through the rear of the turbine, before passing through 60 optimally designed vents before dissipating. A cooler running turbine results in the increased life-cycle of your motor.

Side-Mounted Pattern Control™

Our patented side-mounted control fan is completely innovative, as it adjusts the size of the fan and allows any user to change the patterning of the spray. Unlike more traditional HVLP turbines spray guns, the side-mounted pattern control of our Fuji Spray systems allows for incremental fan size.

Easy to adjust, this control is conveniently located on the left side of spray gun, and can make an impact on any spray enthusiast’s project. This is especially true if versatility of application is an asset to the project’s ultimate finish.

Our innovative products and extensive experience in the industry are what sets Fuji Spray apart from our competitors. To learn more about our products, and how our spray systems can make a difference in your spray finishing projects, contact us today.

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