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Waterborne Finishes: Problem Or Solution? Our Expert Weighs In!

Fuji Spray isn’t just dedicated to creating incredible, innovative spray systems: we’re also dedicated to empowering our spray system users with the best education and resources related to our products.

With all of the information out there regarding waterborne finishes, it’s natural that some of what you have read or heard may not be entirely true. If you’re new to woodworking, or even if you’re a pro, you may have encountered misleading information pertaining to your craft. This is why determining fact from fiction is crucial, as it will help you determine whether waterborne finishes are a viable solution for your woodworking needs.

Although the same precautions need to be taken with waterborne finishes that you would with all finishes (i.e. wearing a mask), waterborne finishes produce a comparable result to other solvent-based finishes. In addition, they’re easy to apply, and can be applied over other solvent-based finishes.

In many woodworking circles, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction: that’s why Fuji Spray’s woodworking expert, Marty, is speaking out against the myths surrounding waterborne finishes. He offers his expert advice and professional experience to help you discover the real advantages of using waterborne finishes, “finishing” the debate of myth vs. reality once and for all.

Check out Marty’s blog here and stay-tuned for more information about future workshops with the expert himself!

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