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Fine Woodworking Magazine Stamp of Approval

In the October 2014 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine © 2014 by the Taunton Press author Teri Masaschi (a finishing pro with 45 years of experience) reviewed 14 different HVLP spray systems available in the United States, with stationary turbines that connect to the spray gun with a hose. The Tool Test required that each spray system be compatible with both water- and solvent based lacquer. The evaluation consisted of the adjustability of the spray gun controls, ease of loading and cleaning, and how comfortable each spray gun handle was to hold while spraying. The Fuji Spray system rose to the top and was awarded with the Authors Best Overall and Authors Best Value stamp!

Best Overall

Fuji Spray Mini-Mite 3™ T-70 Model excelled in the spraying test, the comfort test (easy grip stay cool handle) and the easy adjustability of the spray gun (exclusive side pattern control knob).

Awarded Best Overall, the Mini-Mite 3™ T-70 Model without a doubt was able to produce a superior quality spray, it contained a very comfortable handle and was easy-to-use due to the ergonomic adjustment knobs that adjust the spray pattern very easily and nicely.

Best Value

With all its great features, power, finishing results and overall evaluation it is no surprise the Mini-Mite 3™ T-70 Model would be awarded Best Value! No other system on the market could give you all these bonuses at a price you would be happy to pay!

The Mini-Mite 3™ T-70 Model is the perfect system to spray cabinets, furniture, autos or pianos – in fact, anything wood or metal. A powerful, portable system for all fine-finishing!

MM3 T70


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