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Shifting Gears – Fuji Spray® in the Automotive Industry

We have discussed what makes Fuji Spray® systems the go-to for confectionery, spray tanning, and woodworking use, but did you know our turbine systems and compressor guns are perfect for automotive use too?

Using lower air pressure levels, the Fuji Spray® LX-20 HVLP compressor spray gun is perfect for all types of spray applications, including automotive finishes and other production settings.

Our mid-pressure compressor spray gun, the MPX-30™, is more environmentally-friendly than conventional compressor spray guns because its combination of rapid application speed and high transfer rates results in less over spray and waste.

Both guns feature an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip, a convenient, side-mounted fan pattern control to adjust the size of the fan accurately, and high atomization levels.

Our Mini-Mite Platinum™ and Q Platinum™ turbine systems are perfect for passionate finishers in the automotive industry. The Mini-Mite Platinum™ series was created to give you portability and a flawless finish at a price anyone can afford. If you value quiet over portability, the Q Platinum™ series has the quietest systems on the market. Both series feature a Heat Dissipation Chamber™ to extend the life of the motor, and both can help you achieve a fine finish with any material, including automotive bodywork coatings.

If you’re a fan of all things automotive, we’re sure you’ve heard of the 2018 SEMA Show in lively Las Vegas happening from Tuesday, October 30 and Friday, November 2. If you plan on attending, drop by our booth (#52008) to learn how our 30 years of experience makes Fuji Spray® a versatile, innovative, and trusted leader in our field! We look forward to seeing you there!

We also invite you to follow us on Instagram at @fujisprayofficial for updates throughout the show. To get you just as hyped as we are, check out our MPX-30™ compressor gun in automotive action: https://youtu.be/_EgobFVtDM8?t=70.

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