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Powerful and Portable! Mini-Mite 5 PLATINUM!

Fuji Spray Launches a New Addition to the 5-Stage and PLATINUM™ family! Welcome Mini-Mite™ 5 PLATINUM! What’s new in the Mini-Mite PLATINUM Series? The Mini-Mite Series™ has become a real favorite with cabinet makers and professionals. With that in mind Fuji Spray has made something great even better. New and amazing features were developed and added to the Mini-Mite Series™ The Fuji Spray Heat Dissipation Box™ Fuji Spray has designed a unique method of removing any heat build-up from the Turbine case.  Excess heat is channeled to a Heat Dissipation Box™ located at the rear of the case. Because the hot air is dissipated evenly through

Introducing the Q5 Platinum™

Introducing the Ultimate Turbine! Fuji Spray recently launched a Professional 5-Stage HVLP Turbine Spray System. The Q5 Platinum™ Turbine with its powerful 5-stage motor develops approximately 9.5psi. This System is ideal for all kinds of tasks including heavy duty projects. The extra power allows for less thinning of viscous paints and achieves finer atomization. The Q5™ utilizes the same patented noise reduction available in our Q3™ and Q4™ models with added features. Thus making it the quietest 5-stage HVLP Turbine on the market. New Features! Incorporated into its design is a proprietary Heat Dissipation Box (HDB). The HDB expels excess heat from the turbine

Must Haves

Finishing Thoughts by Michael Dresdner (Woodworker's Journal) Starting a new product…What are your "Must Haves"? Before starting on any new project big or small create a list of what you need and then make sure that you have all your “must haves” on hand plus a little extra just in case. The most frustrating feeling is to be knee deep into your project only to have to stop because a run to a nearby store is a necessity to finish. Woodworkers Journal published a great article by Michael Dresdner that illustrated the top 10 “must have” items for the finishing room. Top 10 Must

Never Leave Home Without It – Wearable Parts!

What should you always have on hand? A carpenter never leaves home without his hammer/nail gun and his nails. A handy man never leaves home without his tool box. Not only do they carry their necessities, but they also carry spare tools and extras just in case. Whether you are a hobbyist or in the spray finishing profession you should also have spare parts and accessories on hand. For some having an extra spray gun is a necessity.  Some prefer two of the same spray gun (2 siphon feed or 2 gravity spray guns).  Others prefer one of each. Whatever your preference, always

Clean Filters = Good Performance!

How and when should I clean my turbine filter? There is no quick answer but a thorough cleaning of your system should be done periodically. As mentioned in a previous blog, it’s a good habit to clean your spray system at the end of each work session or project completion. It only takes a few minutes and in the end will ensure that your turbine lasts you a long time. When it comes to the filters, it is also good to clean them after a few uses and especially before you pack the system into storage.  Clean Filter(s) are a Must! Clean filters

Best In Class

Fine Woodworking Magazine Stamp of Approval In the October 2014 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine © 2014 by the Taunton Press author Teri Masaschi (a finishing pro with 45 years of experience) reviewed 14 different HVLP spray systems available in the United States, with stationary turbines that connect to the spray gun with a hose. The Tool Test required that each spray system be compatible with both water- and solvent based lacquer. The evaluation consisted of the adjustability of the spray gun controls, ease of loading and cleaning, and how comfortable each spray gun handle was to hold while spraying.

Spray Finishing – Tips for Getting Started

We recently reached out to a fellow woodworker and writer at Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Rob Brown for this great blog about Spray Finishing and the many tips and techniques. Whether you are a beginner or have done this for years and years, one or more of these tips and tricks are sure to help you make that woodworking project a little bit easier. Spray Finishing - Tips for Getting Started by Rob Brown Before you spray • Maintain a temperature of 17–25°C and don’t spray if the humidity is very high. • Use ample lighting and have it come from a number of

3M PPS System

The 3M PPS system offers great versatility with the Fuji T75G™ top feed spray gun. It allows spraying in any direction, straight up, sideways, etc. How is this done? The 3M PPS system consists of a reusable plastic cup with disposable liners and lids. When the spray gun is connected to the 3M PPS system then attached to the turbine hose, and the turbine is turned on, the plastic cup is pressurized forcing the liner on the inside the H/O cup to start to collapse. This will push the finish in the liner into the spray gun no matter the orientation of the spray gun.

Fuji Spray & Spraying Chocolate

February the month of Love & Chocolates!! When you think of February the first thought that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day. What is always connected to Valentine’s Day? Loads and loads of flowers, love and chocolates! Better yet the LOVE for Chocolate! Would you have every thought that owning a Fuji Spray system could make regular chocolate molds look too good to eat? Well it can! As for being too good to eat, who are we kidding its delicious chocolates!!! How…. We consulted an expert chocolatier to find out “How To” in chocolate land. The Chocolate Doctor uses a Quiet 4-stage HVLP Fuji

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